By Brooks Bigger


How A Small Chinese Restaurant in Toronto is Thriving to Survive During This Pandemic

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Chinese restaurants in Toronto have been avoided by many because people think that the ingredients and stocks used in Chinese restaurants are imported from China. For fear of getting the virus from the food served by these Chinese restaurants, people avoid it.

Then came the domino effect. As sales dropped, we had to adjust by cutting on certain expenses to cover the costly rent and the pay of our employees. We couldn’t afford to lay-off employees knowing they have their own families to feed. Closing down was not an option either, so we started to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the restaurant was a safe zone for everyone there.

We made sure that everyone who came to work was not feeling ill. We also made cleaning and disinfecting a routine by performing disinfection by the hour of the things and places that could have been touched or exposed or are considered potentially risky.

Lastly, we find that to ramp up sales to cover our growing expenses, we needed to find means to increase sales from deliveries. Our team is in the process of setting up our delivery system so we can reach out and cater to other customers who are not within the covered areas of these third-party service providers such as Uber Eats and others. By doing so, our customers won’t be limited to those who are within the 4-kilometre radius of our restaurant.