By Brooks Bigger


Best Spots to Wine and Dine in Toronto

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Toronto is rich in cultural diversity. It means you will most likely find yourself caught in confusion as to where to wine and dine because of the variety presented before you. Let’s make things simpler.

Here are some of the best spots to try out when in Toronto:

Le Swan 

This famous French bistro diner serves one of the finest cured and smoked meat in town. The menu presents a variety, but guests usually go there to have steak and fries with grilled cheese on the side. The place has the perfect ambiance for dates and even a night out with friends. Do note that this place is quite popular, so be sure to make your reservations in advance.

Mother Tongue


You can find this two-story restaurant behind The Templar Hotel. It is sought-after by many because of the unique variety in its menu. It has a fusion of Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, and Canadian dishes which will surely be a crowd-pleaser. It’s best to come with a group because servings are good for sharing and make sure to not forget about the cocktail drinks.

The Annex Food Hall

One of the most popular food halls in Toronto is The Annex. It’s a local’s favourite spot where you can find a wide range of food choices. You can choose from Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Canadian, American, Thai, and other options. It has large tables so it can accommodate a lot of people especially those who come in groups. Some visit the food hall to dine, stay to pass the time while having some snacks, or even do homework. Others simply order food for takeout.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

When you’re in Toronto, you have to visit this restaurant at least once, if you have the time. The place is aesthetically beautiful, with its high-ceiling and spacious design that sets the mood just right. It’s a famous place for brunch that serves their fan-favourite pancakes. But, it’s highly suggested that you also try their ‘make your own mimosa.’ Lines can get long during the weekend, so if you’re in town on a weekday, then go visit on a weekday.