By Brooks Bigger


Selling T-Shirts

Easy Tips on Creating and Selling T-Shirts to Promote Food Blog

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There are more ways to earn money using blogs, though it is easy, it is often overlooked. For instance, selling mugs, custom hoodies canada, and other accessories can help you earn a little extra. You just need to have a unique design in mind and an effective way to sell it through your food blog.

Thinking for a Design

The design of the t-shirts will always be the main reason why clients and customers took a liking to it. The following are several ways to come up with your unique design:

Choose what product you want to sell

This would be the very first step needed to take before creating a design, and it’s necessary. First things first, the design you created may look good on mugs but not so attractive on shirts. It would be much better to focus on one item at a time.

List the ways to find the design for your t-shirt

As mentioned, there are many ways to come up with a design but would it be effective? Would it strike an appearance to your prospective clients and customers? That would be the first thing to think about when thinking of a design. The following are the ideas where you can make up a design for your custom t-shirts:

An Inside Joke

Since you are marketing along with blogging, you can find an inside joke on one of your write-ups that your readers would get. This would work better if there are things that only your readers would know to make them feel like there are “in the know”.

A way to promote your site

This would be the simplest design you can come up with—a design promoting your website. This would work better if there is a large buy-in of your brand. This would mean that your reader likes what your brand is about. On the other hand, if your readers still don’t have any vague idea about what your brand is then this method will not work.

Create your Custom T-Shirt

In creating your custom t-shirt, you can choose two options: make it yourself or ask an outside team to help you. If you can create it yourself, then that would be easy for you. If not, there are many websites or nearby teams that can help you bring your idea to life. The process would also be quite easy, all you have to do is to submit your design and pick your products. Then you have to wait for a little while before you can get your merchandise.

On Selling Custom T-Shirts

To sell your custom t-shirts, of course, you need to promote them. You can include this in your articles or put a section on your website where you can showcase your t-shirt designs. Another way is to put up links on a lot of pages that would be related to your products. You can also maximize your reach by putting up pages and accounts on Instagram and Facebook. That would make your product be known, not only to your readers but also to other people who might be interested in your idea.