By Brooks Bigger


How to Use Solar Oven for Cooking

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Hot summer weather can be dragging, and it makes people use air conditioners more often, but this type of weather can also reveal the secret to free energy cooking. Solar ovens are popular with campers as they usually heat s’mores and other treats for camping, but others use solar ovens for cooking and preparing any recipes without consuming electricity.

Furthermore, the perfect solar ovens are ideal for those who want to go green since energy use for cooking is directly from the sun. It is also a fun-filled bonding for families who are keen on cooking outside. Solar ovens are portable cooking systems where you can have a hot meal in any place like at the campground, park, beach, or anywhere you wish to be.

Using Solar Ovens

If you like baking, solar ovens can be an option to bake for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it does not depend on the accuracy of the temperature control. That is why you can cook foods that are not complicated instead. A solar oven is composed of the structure of a cooking pot and reflectors. The system turns the sunlight into heat energy to steam, bake and boil your next sumptuous meal. A good option when you’re on a budget.

To begin, place a solar oven anywhere outside or where it can get direct sunlight and watch the temperature as it increases. It is better to control the temperature to see how it changes in various conditions such as exposure to the sun, positioning to the sun, etc.

For some cases, you can also cook in a solar oven during winter, but it will not get hot as you desire since the air outside is much cooler and is expected to have less sunlight during this season.

Actual Cooking with Solar Ovens

Before you start cooking with a solar oven, here are the things needed:

  • You may want to have a drip pan for cleaning and cooking.
  • A cookie sheet (preferably shallow) or a simple pan that can suit your oven. It is needed for additional insulation. Also, its width and length is required to be 2 inches or can be smaller than the end of a cardboard box)
  • An aluminum black baking pot with a lid is required since it is where you keep your cooked foods.

If you cook a lot, you can build a solar oven as big as you prefer. Some people love to use solar ovens for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, which is tastier. However, be careful when using it since its temperature rises more quickly than a conventional oven. As it can be hotter, make sure to have handles on hand. Also, try to use different kinds of pots as certain pots function better compared to others.

Moreover, you can also convert solar ovens into a simple oven to warm potatoes, rolls, and cooked foods. You can cook good food like corn on the cob. You can do this by putting ears into a bag (roaster) added with butter, then seal it. The amount and temperature are not crucial in this recipe. In addition, you can prepare other foods depending on sunlight, like canned goods such as soups or vegetables, or heat a pot of chili or beans. However, it is not good to cook foods with particular temperatures and times in solar ovens. You could even build your own solar oven out of a pizza box as this keen Engineer attempted:


Solar ovens are indeed an excellent alternative for conventional ovens and regular stoves. They use natural energy from the sun, which does not produce gas that can harm the environment. It is also an economical, efficient, and portable tool that every family can enjoy.

However, cooking with solar ovens can be challenging, especially if you are not aware of its dos and do nots.