By Brooks Bigger


Your Complete Guide to Cooking With CBD Oil

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It’s easy to cook using the most effective CBD oil, cannabidiol oil. You can add a few drops of cannabidiol tincture when you make a smoothie. Cooking with it is a simple way to see the effects of this compound. You can also add a few drops of it to your tea or coffee.

If you enjoy baking, you can also add cannabidiol to your sweet treats. You just have to keep in mind that heat can lessen its effectiveness. That’s why it’s recommended to keep your baking temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or less. You can also add cannabidiol to treats that don’t require baking such as homemade whipped cream or protein snacks to avoid the need to heat. When making soup or pesto sauce, you can also add cannabidiol oil.

Continue reading to better understand what you can do with cannabidiol oil in your kitchen.

Tips on How to Cook With Cannabidiol Oil

Once you have a good cannabidiol product, you can make the most of it by following these tips:

Don’t Put Cannabidiol on Direct Heat

Heat can alter the composition of cannabidiol resulting in reduced effectivity. If you want to use your cannabidiol oil when cooking sauteed vegetables, it’s better to sprinkle it on the dish during plating instead of using the oil to cook the vegetables.

Combine Cannabidiol Oil with Another Cooking Oil

This works because it makes cannabidiol more effective. Cannabidiol is fat-soluble, so your body can absorb it better when used with other fats such as coconut or avocado oil.

Be Careful When Combining Cannabidiol With Alcohol

If you want to drink alcohol with your cannabidiol-infused food or even CBD-infused drinks, you shouldn’t drive. You also have to check that it won’t interact with the medications you’re taking.

The Amount of Cannabidiol to Use

Similar to cooking with strong spices, it’s best to start with a small amount when cooking with cannabidiol oil. It’s easier to increase it if you need more. Starting low and going slow is helpful if you’ve not tried cooking with it.

You can start with a 5 to 10 mg dose for every serving and check how you feel. If you don’t notice the effects you’re expecting such as relief from pain or anxiety, you can gradually increase your dose to another 5 to 10 mg until you have your desired effects. It’s always best to talk with your doctor if you have concerns about the product or side effects.

Finally, you have a better idea of how to cook with cannabidiol oil. If you’re interested, you can purchase it on the internet, in coffee shops, or in local health supplement shops. It’s safe to say that it’s easily available. So, you must research and make sure you’re using a quality product.

The FDA doesn’t have regulations for cannabidiol since it’s offered in supplement form. It means there’s no guarantee that it’s completely effective or safe. You can opt for organic variations for the ideal cannabidiol oil. You can also consider the extraction methods, raw ingredients, extra ingredients, and lab tests.