By Brooks Bigger


Foods That Are Appetite Suppressants

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The most common reason why people opt for foods that control their appetites is to lose weight naturally. Studies have proven that a hunger suppressant can reduce weight just like daily workouts and exercises.

Here is everything you need to know about foods that act as appetite suppressants.

Hunger Vs Cravings

Before we get to naming the foods you need to suppress your appetite, it is essential to differentiate between hunger and cravings since they are two conflicting terms that can confuse most individuals.

Hunger is usually provoked whenever the hormone ghrelin is produced after the brain sends signals to your body, alarming it that the energy and sugar levels are too low.

On the other hand, cravings can occur due to psychological reasons like stress, and sensory stimuli like smell, sight, or desires.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Having a nutritional plan is vital when losing weight. Luckily, foods that suppress your appetite can help you stick to your goal by decreasing hunger or the urge to consume unhealthy foods. However, remember that these types of foods are only there to help you control your craving so you can decrease the intake of calories.

Check them out below:


Factually, consuming proteins can make you feel fuller thereby eliminating the need to eat more frequently. This is possible since proteins take more time to digest, unlike carbohydrates.


Numerous people cannot stand the hot sensation of chilies but it is possible to use the burn as an advantage. Researches indicate that adding hot spices to your meal can lower your eating behavior, thereby enabling weight loss.

The most recommended chili is a red pepper known as cayenne which helps decrease hunger by eliminating the desire to eat sweet, salty, or high-fat foods.


Unlike other types of carbohydrates, oats are known to suppress appetite since they undergo slow digestion. They are also high in fiber, which is essential for decreasing hunger.


Staying hydrated is another way of boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. But you can go creative by preparing some ginger water instead of taking regular water. You can also try to add some lemon and mint for effective results.

Ginger usually works by stimulating various parts of your tongue, which in turn prevents you from experiencing hunger.


Another type of food that will aid in suppressing appetite is lentils. These are loaded with fiber to make your stomach feel fuller. Aside from that, they are also low-fat ingredients, perfect for decreasing the number of calories consumed.


Whether you apply it in a glass of water or a cup of tea, peppermint will perform one purpose which is to curb your cravings. Peppermint’s essential oils can also be found in mint toothpaste or chewing gum.

Lessening your cravings or hunger can also be done using home remedies. Some of them include drinking warm water, taking herbal tea, enjoying a low-calorie broth, and more.

If you’re searching for a natural way to lose weight, then the food listed above should be able to help you.