How to Use Solar Oven for Cooking

Hot summer weather can be dragging, and it makes people use air conditioners more often, but this type of weather can also reveal the secret to free energy cooking. Solar ovens are popular with campers as they usually heat s’mores and other treats for camping, but others use solar ovens for cooking and preparing any recipes without consuming electricity.
Furthermore, the perfect solar ovens are ideal for those who want to go green since energy use for cooking is directly from the sun. It is also a fun-filled bonding for families who are keen on cooking outside. Solar ovens …

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Coffee Beans and Grounds

Top 15 Online Shops to Get the Most Delicious Coffee Beans and Grounds

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you will be pleased to know that you can easily get coffee beans and grounds from online stores.  Here are the top 15 online stores where you can get your own coffee beans and grounds.

EI Union

The El Union is renowned for offering Sablan Natural, Let’s Go Sliding, Felly Organic, Panama Bonita, and Brazil Macahdo coffee beans.

What’s Up Brew

Coming from the Cordillera itself you must get yourself some Italian Espresso, …

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Top 20 Must-Try Pizza Joints in Toronto

Maker Pizza
You know it’s a good pizzeria when there are branches both in Chinatown and Avenue Road.
Big Trouble Pizza
Here, you get to eat pizza you’ve never tried before because of their unique toppings, which you probably never have imagined to be on a pizza.
Get a taste of authentic Detroit-style pizza with their unique caramelized crust and toppings.
Blondies Pizza
Find freshly oven-baked pizza, made with dough that’s made from scratch. Expect a crust that’s crispy on the outside …

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Top 20 Bars to Visit When in Toronto

Civil Liberties
Known as the ‘tiki bar’ to locals, this bar is known to make cocktails based on what their customers want.
Black Dice
If you love Japanese craft beer, whiskey, sake, and other Japanese liquors, then this place is the perfect spot to enjoy them.
A mixed cafe-bar, widely known by many for its cold-brew coffee, craft drinks, and delicious snacks.
3 Speed
A bar and pub that’s a good place to chill because the patio and fireplace set the ambiance just right.
Sweaty Betty…

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Top 20 Yummy Budget Eats in Toronto

Seven Lives
This unique taqueria takes up tacos on a whole new level with ingredients such as octopus, fish, and others served in huge portions.
Mona’s Roti
Famous restaurant serving homemade roti with several fillings to choose from, but its oxtail is equally to-die-for.
Allwyn’s Bakery
A well-loved Jamaican bakery best known for its patties, jerk sauce, and coco bread.
Indian and Sri Lankan food takeout spot with long queues that’s famous for its budget-friendly yet yummy dishes.

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Best Spots to Wine and Dine in Toronto

Toronto is rich in cultural diversity. It means you will most likely find yourself caught in confusion as to where to wine and dine because of the variety presented before you. Let’s make things simpler.
Here are some of the best spots to try out when in Toronto:
Le Swan 

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